Mini Cheese Loaves and Pigs in a Blanket!



I found a neat recipe for Cheese Straws, but being ever the innovator (and non-direction follower; something I’m actually not proud of being a millennial,) and also being young and in love (=poor), I used Pillsbury French Loaf instead of frozen puff pastry. The one thing I never skimp on though, is CHEESE! The recipe was simple enough:

Unroll the French loaf, grate 1/2 cup of Asiago and Parmesan each, line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Preheat oven to 425 F. Sprinkle cheese on dough, sprinkle on salt and pepper, place aluminum foil on top of the dough, and roll with a rolling pin pressing the cheese in.

Cut dough into strips and roll into mini loaves then sprinkle with some extra cheese. Bake for 12-ish minutes.


Notes: Next time I might use cheese that melts better than Asiago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)


The recipe for Pigs in a Blanket are actually on the Pillsbury Crescent Roll can itself:)

How To Deal With Bums?

Today I met a lady named Dawn. She was “not a bum, not homeless, I’m not going to rob you, I just lost my job a month ago and have 3 grandbabies to feed.” Normally when I meet these people asking for money, I’ll give them a couple of cigarettes, but I have never seen Dawn before. I told her I did not have any cash and so, took her to mcdonalds and bought her lunch and a 25 dollar mcdonalds only gift card. I have no idea if she was lying or not, but I have good karma for the day (and also 30 more dollars to pay at the end of the month, ugh.)

So my question is, how do we deduce who is being honest and is truly down on their luck, between the ones who do it for a living?


Hi! I’m Ashley, and I am not much of a blogger – in fact this is my first attempt ever. I know, I know, I’m late to the bandwagon. I’ve been thinking recently though that it would be nice as a new grown up to share my experiences with others, as a sort of example, and also to receive advice myself. I live in Ohio with my boyfriend and dogs, I’m going to school for social work, and I work part/full time depending on my school schedule – pretty average for the day and age. I love to cook, but being young and still figuring things out, it isn’t very healthy despite my best efforts, and it isn’t frequent either. I got cookbooks recently though and am going to attempt to make Sunday dinner a regular thing. I really like to garden too but that is still definitely a work in progress. Gardening isn’t really a thing everyone can just pick up – it comes from experience. I am an aspiring photographer (like so many people today,) but it truly is only a connection between my grandfather and myself. I plan to post recipes, ask questions, share photos and stories, and ask for even more advice!