Hi! I’m Ashley, and I am not much of a blogger – in fact this is my first attempt ever. I know, I know, I’m late to the bandwagon. I’ve been thinking recently though that it would be nice as a new grown up to share my experiences with others, as a sort of example, and also to receive advice myself. I live in Ohio with my boyfriend and dogs, I’m going to school for social work, and I work part/full time depending on my school schedule – pretty average for the day and age. I love to cook, but being young and still figuring things out, it isn’t very healthy despite my best efforts, and it isn’t frequent either. I got cookbooks recently though and am going to attempt to make Sunday dinner a regular thing. I really like to garden too but that is still definitely a work in progress. Gardening isn’t really a thing everyone can just pick up – it comes from experience. I am an aspiring photographer (like so many people today,) but it truly is only a connection between my grandfather and myself. I plan to post recipes, ask questions, share photos and stories, and ask for even more advice!


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